Don't have a design? No worries, We've got you covered!
We can help you design your custom artwork to best suit your idea. 

When placing your order, provide us with as much detail as possible.

**Subject to an extra small fee.**


Template Download.

Are you ready to start designing your own custom button or magnet?

Please download the template below and follow the artwork guidelines.

Having proper artwork is a crucial step in creating custom buttons and magnets that look awesome!

Artwork Guidelines.

Please ensure that your artwork meets the following specifications:

CMYK or Greyscale colour mode

Art is at least 300 DPI resolution

Fonts are 5pt size or above

All text rasterized or converted 
to outlines

All linked images are embedded in file


File saved as a PSD, JPEG or PDF 


Everything inside the BUTTON FACE CIRCLE will be on the front of your button.

perimeter text.jpg

Text on the edge of the button must fit between the PERIMETER TEXT CIRCLE.


Any background colour or pattern must extend to the BUTTON BACK CIRCLE but not past it.